[LoadTeam hangs up to make money] Just hang up the computer and you can easily earn US dollars. Come and try!


Hanging up to make money may be the most ideal way for many friends to make money. When the machine is turned on, you can start to wait for the income to be received after the setting is completed. It is really a one-time investment and permanent income. But is there such a good thing? Uncle Tu tells you, of course there is, and it can really be reflected in the account. It is very suitable for novice online earning friends to get started, Today, I would like to introduce an excellent platform to earn dollars by hanging up computers: LoadTeam.


LoadTeam is a Windows program that can make money by using the idle computing resources of the computer. If the machine is running, it will be wasted if not used.

After the LoadTeam is started, it will be minimized to run in the background and process tasks one by one. After the work is completed, the results will be sent to the LoadTeam computing center and the work remuneration will be obtained according to the calculation workload. As long as the cumulative balance reaches $1, it can be withdrawn to the PayPal account. The same account can run LoadTeam on any number of computers. The longer the cumulative time to complete the work and the greater the workload, the more remuneration will be obtained.

After a period of experiment, Uncle Tu found that it was feasible. Now he can get a free fee of 0.2 dollars for joining. Anyway, most of the time when he uses a computer, the computer is idle. If he doesn't use it, it will be wasted. For example, when he goes to work, watches a play, brushes the web page, etc., he can make money by hanging up in the background.

If you don't want to affect the normal use of the computer because of it, you can adjust the computing power to intelligently complete tasks according to whether the computer is idle, so that the normal use of the computer will not be affected at all.

1. Start LoadTeam

2. Calculation adjustment

3. Withdrawal application

4. Withdrawal to account email reminder

make money

Account registration: click to register


Register an account and download the client. After the installation, you can start to make money. You don't need to invest any extra energy. It's not as exciting as taking action. Come and try it. LoadTeam is a real money making tool that can make money by hanging up the phone. You can not only make money by hanging up the phone yourself, but also invite friends to make money together. From the current performance, it is completely normal and you can enter the pit at ease.


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