[Honeygain Online Money Making] The simplest online money making project, you can make money by hanging up, and you can earn $2 − $5 every day!


After the outbreak of the epidemic, prices have gradually increased, inflationary pressure has gradually increased, but income has not increased. Apart from the daily cost of eating, drinking, sleeping, and sleeping, there is almost no money left. Housing loans, car loans, milk powder money, etc. are all untouchable expenses. What should we do? Where is the way out? Undoubtedly, the most direct way to change the status quo is to increase additional income. We need to find a way to earn money without spending too much time and energy, The hang up software is undoubtedly the best choice. As long as you have a mobile phone or a computer, you can automatically make money by opening the hang up software, which is very suitable for beginners to get started online. For example, the hang up software introduced today: honeygain.


Honeygain is an Internet data company in the United States. The formal platform guarantees 100% authenticity, and the revenue is directly withdrawn to PayPal account, which supports almost all countries and regions.

Honeygain is called Honeybee in Chinese. It uses idle bandwidth and traffic to make money. In today's world, electronic devices are frequently used, such as using devices to brush messages, movies, shopping, etc. The more messages received by mobile phones, the more data the Honeybee software receives. On the contrary, when the devices are not used, the less information the software receives, the less data the bees collect. The more frequently the devices are used, the more honey they can earn, The more honey, the more income.

At present, Bee supports computers or mobile phones. Computers include Windows, MacOS and Linux. Mobile phones only support Android and IOS, which is very comprehensive.

1. Registration

Enter the official website, click the "claim $5 Now" button, sign upi to register an account, and submit the registration information to the email for verification before logging in.

2. Download software

After successful login, click "Download" and Download the client to start hanging up. Currently, Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, IOS and other systems are supported. Note that Linux is a docker mode.

3. Start making money

After the software is installed, the login software starts to hang up. After the login, there is no window. There is only an icon on the task bar at the lower right corner, which is very inconspicuous. You can view some basic information by right clicking. In addition to hanging up to make money, there are random rewards for logging in every day, which mainly depends on luck.

In addition, the software supports multiple devices to hang up online, but only one device can hang up from one IP address, so you can use mobile phones, computers, 4G networks, etc.

4. Data viewing

After successful login, click the "Overview" dashboard table to display the current honey collection situation and the withdrawal percentage. Withdrawal can be made when the amount reaches $20.

5. Withdrawal of balance

After successful login, if the withdrawal threshold of $20 is reached, you can apply for payout. You will be asked to fill in the withdrawal information as required. Generally, payal is selected for withdrawal. Note that before withdrawal, a separate tipalti account will be registered for withdrawal. Follow the email prompts to complete the withdrawal. After applying for withdrawal, wait patiently for a few days. Generally, within a week, payment will be made to paypal, After withdrawal, you can also view the historical withdrawal in the withdrawal record.


If there are not many devices, the accumulated traffic is really poor, and it will take a long time to reach the minimum threshold. But in a different mindset, the money is earned without spending time anyway, and it is the income generated from the reuse of idle resources. Don't waste it. Take the passive income of bees as a small interest in life, and don't be too persistent about traffic. When the target is reached one day, it may bring a surprise. In addition, Invite a friend to hang up, and you will get 10% of the reward for hanging up, and your friend's income will not be affected at all.


Registration link on Honeygain official website: click to Register


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