TCPUDPDbg - tcp/udp simulation packet sending tool !

TCPCPUDPDbg" is a very professional TCP/UDP packet debugging tool, which is generally used by development students to test TCP/UDP communication connection between server and client when developing network communication programs, as well as data interaction testing, including both receiving and sending cases.

The function is very practical and simple, with client and server-side mode, use the following methods

As a client

1. create a connection

2. fill in the server IP and port, the local port can be random or fixed

3. Click Connect

4. fill in the send area, click send, the data format is arbitrary, determine your own

As a server

1. Create a server

2. Fill in the local listening IP and port, the IP can be

3. Click Start Server

Main Download Link:Click to download

Backup Download Links: Click to download  (password: 4670)


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