[IPRoyal Hanging Money] 0 cost to earn dollars, idle bandwidth hanging money, with a detailed guide to making money!


The most common way is to do tasks, code and so on, but for various reasons, they are not sustainable, and now almost disappeared, today we recommend a legal and long-lasting hanging money software, as long as there is a computer or cell phone, no matter at home, or in the work environment, are able to hang, are very suitable for new online income friends to start. The actual fact is that you will be able to make money by using a computer or mobile phone, whether it is at home or in a work environment, and it is very suitable for newcomers to make money online, and it is IPRoyal Pawns.


IPRoyal Pawns, a formal IP proxy company in the United States, users earn commission by selling idle bandwidth, which makes sense from the business structure analysis, because IPRoy needs P addresses to provide customers with a large number of IP resources must be collected, for users, anyway, idle bandwidth is a waste, why not effectively use into real money. After Uncle To test, IPRoyal Pawns software is real and effective, the software is absolutely safe, I personally think the income is not bad, worth recommending a everyone.

1. Registration

Go to the official website and click Sign upi to register an account, submit the registration information needs to be verified by email to log in and use, after successful registration will also have 1$ reward.

2. Download software

After successful login, click "Download" and download the client to start hanging, currently supports Windows, Android, macOS, Linux and other systems, temporarily no lOS system, in addition to the interface of the client, there are command-line tools, can be said to support a very comprehensive.

3. Start Hanging

After the software is installed, login to the software and start hanging, the initial startup shows an orange bar box representing the execution in progress, it needs to show "IPRoyal Pawns background process is now running" before the income will be calculated, please refer to the second picture.

4. Data View

Once you have successfully logged in, click on the "Dashboard" meter and it will show you your current account balance and the amount of traffic you have shared, and you can request a withdrawal via Paypal wallet or BTC or other cryptocurrencies if your income exceeds $5.

5. Withdrawal Settings

On the login page, click "Settings'" to set up your account, choose Paypal or Bitcoin as your payment method, and choose a minimum of $5 to withdraw.

6. Withdraw your balance

After successful login, click on Payout methods, select the country, select the withdrawal method, the fee varies according to the withdrawal method, generally BTC=1.5 BTC = 1.5 P a y p a l = 4 , VISA = %0, after successful withdrawal, you will receive an official email alert.


iproyal is a great project to earn money online, with little time investment and only needing to share idle bandwidth to earn income. At a time when the epidemic is raging, it is a better way to increase income for those who don't have much income in the first place. This is a cumulative process and I think it will definitely exceed your expectations, especially for those overseas.


IProyal official website registration link: click straight to


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